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Doug Moore

The history of both Lambda Archives and San Diego Pride cannot be told without the name of Doug Moore. He has dedicated his life to the LGBT community, as well as preserving the history of Pride and LGBT history in general.

Doug was raised in Santa Ana, and had family roots in San Diego where he moved in 1972. He came out in 1974. A minister in the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) took Doug to a meeting for the first San Diego Pride celebration at the first Center (on B Street) where Doug saw Nicole Murray-Ramirez speaking to 150 people sitting on the lawn. It was his introduction to activism, and he was hooked. By the next year, Doug was marching himself, and the year after that he was an organizer. Doug helped or led Pride for over 30 years. Doug served Pride in almost every capacity and has been a leader not only locally, but across the country and internationally.

Doug's work with Pride is also remarkable because of his commitment to recording history.

Doug has compiled one of the largest collections of Pride materials in the world --including posters, buttons, t-shirts, programs, banners, photos, periodicals, and more, which he has given to Lambda Archives. It had grown to include over a thousand unique pieces occupying more than two storage units! So far more than half of that vast collection has been physically transferred to the Archives. The collection has been shown at events across the country and in Canada.

Doug Moore was the President of Lambda Archives 2004-2006. He was instrumental in its founding in 1987, providing the large collection of LGBT materials he had at the time, thus helping Jess Jessop get the Archives off the ground. Doug also founded the North County Gay Association in 1978, and has volunteered for SAGE and The Center. He also served as treasurer for the Save Our Teachers campaign in 1978.

Doug is also a San Diego LGBT Center Wall of Honor 2006 Honoree