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Gay American History

Lambda Archives of San Diego's research library contains over 5,000 titles including fiction, non-fiction, biographies and pulp fiction on LGBT topics or by LGBT authors. Books are available for check-out for LASD members!

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These books are available for on-site use and available for 2 week loan to members only. The LGBT Center also has a circulating book collection. Contact them for access hours and loan information.

Organization of the Book Collection

The Archives uses the Michel/Moore Classification Scheme for Books in Lesbian/Gay Collections with some modifications:

  1. Reference Works and General Works
  2. History (Early through 1899)
    Include any work published prior to 1900.
  3. History (20th-21st century)
    Include gay/lesbian movements.
  4. Religion and Spirituality
  5. Special Groups and Relationships
  6. Social, Political, and Legal Aspects
  7. Medicine, Health and Personal Care
  8. Sexuality and Sexual Behavior
  9. Arts and Erotica
  10. Recreation and Sports
  11. number not used
  12. Biographies
  13. number not used
  14. Literature, excluding Fiction and Biography
    14.1   Poetry
    14.2   Humor
    14.4   Plays
    14.9   Other
  15. Fiction
  16. Pulp Fiction (many originally published in the San Diego/Tijuana Region)

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